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Tracker App: COVID-19

The Long Term Care environment is no stranger to challenging healthcare issues, but
COVID-19 has placed an unprecedented level of pressure on our facilities and operators. We
saw our colleagues and clients struggle to stay ahead of a dangerous virus while also
meeting the needs for tracking and reporting. That is why SHOPP, a not-for-profit created by Zimmet Heathcare Services Group, LLC, and PRIMESOURCE Healthcare Solutions teamed up with SNF Metrics, a leading data analytics company to create Tracking19. The People Powered Nursing Tracking 19 App helps our busy and resource stretched LTC partners to track and report COVID-19 symptoms and testing for residents and COVID-19 testing schedules for LTC Employees.

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Struggling to Organize and Track Employee COVID Testing?

New requirements and potential penalties are growing exponentially and quickly, but many facilities are left in the dust, scrambling to create a fast, efficient, and accurate way to test, track and report on Employee COVID-19 status. This staffing, time, and the procedural burden is second only to the availability and cost of testing itself. Many facilities are looking for ways to quickly and accurately test and track employees COVID-19 status to minimize cost and spread of infection.

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Struggling to Efficiently Pull CDC Line List Reports for Resident Tracking & Reporting?

Every day there’s a new requirement for COVID-19 reporting placed on an already time, staff, and resource stretched facility. Completing documentation for the CDC, State, and County is incredibly time-consuming and prone to errors and unavoidable mistakes. Internally, there may be multiple versions of the same document, across several facilities, with no consistent, easily accessible tracking method.

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The Solution

With the Infection Tracker App, Operators, HR Managers
and Clinical Will Be Able To:
  • Track, Schedule and Monitor Employee COVID Testing
  • Track Line Listing for Infection Control for Residents
  • Track PPE Inventory and Supply
  • Easily Generate Reports for CDC, State and County Health Officials
  • Reduce Manual Processes and Staff Time
  • Improve Reporting Accuracy
  • Control Spread of COVID-19 and other Infectious Diseases

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TRACKING 19 is a place for employers and healthcare facilities to TRACK employees and residents test results to make working through this pandemic as safe as possible. As a team of 5 companies deeply affected by Covid-19, we are always here to help during these unprecedented times.

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At tracking 19, we do our best to scour the news in order to offer the most up to date advancements concerning the current state of affairs. Our goal is to provide employers with the necessary information to operate in a way that will keep everyone out of harms way.